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Estate Planning Simplified: Securing Your Loved One’s Futures.

Estate planning is an important thing to think about, no matter what age you are. In this week's virtual workshop, Jenni and Amy sat down and discussed the ins and outs of estate planning, wills and trusts, and why it's important to start thinking about these things before something bad happens. They answered some valuable questions from viewers and spoke about the benefits of preparing, as well as the consequences Read More

Asset Division in Divorce

In this webinar, Jenni, Lance, Marty, and Luke cover several different topics surrounding high asset divorce, and answer some valuable questions: ⁣ • What is the difference between an annuity and a pension?⁣ • What is a Closely Held Business?⁣ • How is value assigned to a business I had before my marriage?⁣ • What are vested vs. non-vested stocks?⁣ Read More

Family, Growth, and Mental Health

In this webinar, Jenni and Kristen discuss mental health and the stigma that often comes with seeing a counselor. Whether for yourself or your child, counseling is an important and healthy step that can benefit everyone, no matter what age you are. Watch the recorded webinar to learn more about how counseling can be a positive step for your family, your growth, and your mental health. Contact Kristen Lee MA, LPC Read More

What Does it Mean to Have Temporary Custody?

If you are concerned about the welfare of a child, you can apply to temporarily have custody of a minor child. Often a parent who is going through a divorce or someone who is not the parent but is concerned about the well being of a child will ask the court if they can temporarily have legal custody of the child. Sometimes, the need for temporary custody of the child is due to the length of time it takes to negotiate Read More

Why Is That A Criminal Offense? Lesser known crimes in Georgia

I didn’t know that is a crime in Georgia! While that statement may be true, it does not make you any less guilty of some lesser known crimes. As the old saying goes… Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Even if you don’t know a certain act is a criminal offense, you may still be required to pay a fine, perform community service, or serve time in jail. There are some illegal acts that people don’t necessarily think of Read More

DUI and DUI Less Safe: What’s the Difference in Georgia?

Many people are aware that in Georgia, if your blood, urine or breath show an alcohol concentration limit of .08 or more at any time within three hours after driving or being in actual physical control from alcohol consumed before such driving, will be charged with DUI per se, which is found under O.C.G.A. 40-6-391(a)(5).  However, a lesser known law in Georgia involving alcohol is found under O.C.G.A. § Read More

Domestic Abuse in Georgia During COVID-19

During Georgia's COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders victims of domestic abuse were in danger of being isolated with their abuser. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp said, “We have been told by one Atlanta-area hospital that they are seeing a 15% increase in domestic violence cases in their facility.” Quarantine restrictions placed unusual stress and financial pressures on families, and spouses and children in already abusive Read More

I’m an unmarried parent in Georgia: What are my parental rights?

My partner and I aren't married but we have children together: what are our legal parental rights in Georgia? If you have a child or plan to have a child outside of marriage, here is some basic information about parental rights for unmarried couples in Georgia. Georgia courts make parental legal decisions based on the best interest of the child. Unmarried couples often make decisions jointly about the care and Read More

Focus on Your Family webinar series. The Enneagram and how does it influence your parenting style?

Jenni Brown Esq specialized in family law and Shannon Anderson Enneagram coach, discuss how the Enneagram personality can influence your parenting style. Contact us or email us at (770) 422-4241 Shannon Anderson Take the test Read More

DIY Online Divorce: Is it right for you?

What exactly is an online divorce? For many reasons not all marriages last, and today many marriages end in divorce. In fact, Georgia has one of the highest divorce rates in the nation: only six states have more divorces than The Peach State. In Georgia, 14.11 people for every 1,000 married individuals are divorced. Why is Georgia's divorce rate so high? Simply, because Georgia's marriage rate is also very high: Read More